Coaching Agreement

Client Name: ______________________________________________________________  “This agreement, between coach _______________________ and the above Named  client will begin on _________________ and will continue for a period of ___________  months ending on _____________________.”  

1. As a client, I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my physical,  mental and emotional well-being during my coaching calls, including my choices  and decisions. I am aware that I can choose to discontinue coaching at any time. 

2. I understand that “coaching” is a Professional-Client relationship I have with my  coach that is designed to facilitate the creation/development of personal,  professional or business goals and to develop and carry out a strategy/plan for  achieving those goals. 

3. I understand that coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas  of my life, including work, finances, health, relationships, education and  recreation. I acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues, incorporate  coaching into those areas, and implement my choices is exclusively my  responsibility. 

4. I understand that coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental  disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. I understand that  coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis,  mental health care or substance abuse treatment and I will not use it in place of  any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy. 

5. I promise that if I am currently in therapy or otherwise under the care of a mental  health professional, that I have consulted with the mental health care provider  regarding the advisability of working with a coach and that this person is aware  of my decision to proceed with the coaching relationship. 

6. I understand that information will be held as confidential unless I state otherwise,  in writing, except as required by law. 

7. I understand that certain topics may be anonymously and hypothetically shared  with other coaching professionals for training OR consultation purposes.

 8. I understand that coaching is not to be used as a substitute for professional  advice by legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual or other qualified 
professionals. I will seek independent professional guidance for legal, medical,  financial, business, spiritual or other matters. I understand that all decisions in  these areas are exclusively mine and I acknowledge that my decisions and my  actions regarding them are my sole responsibility.  

Fees: All fees are paid for in full, unless specified by the prior agreement. 
This is a coaching package for a period of _______ months including _________  sessions per month.  
Additional appointments can be scheduled as needed. If you need to reschedule an  appointment, please provide at least 24 hour's notice. These fees will be paid in  advance. All fees are non refundable and final.  

The services to be provided by the coach to the client are via zoom/coaching, as agreed jointly with the client. Coaching may address specific  personal projects, business successes, or general conditions in the client's life or  profession.  

Other coaching services include value clarification, brainstorming, identifying plans of  action, examining modes of operating in life, asking clarifying questions, and making  empowering requests or suggestions for action. Throughout the working relationship,  the coach will engage in direct and personal conversations.  
The client understands that successful coaching requires a co-active collaborative  approach between client and coach. In the coaching relationship, the coach plays  the role of a facilitator of change, but it is the client's responsibility to enact or bring  about the change. If the client believes the coaching is not working as desired, the client will communicate and take action to return the power to the coaching  relationship.  

Prior History:  
The client also agrees to disclose details of the past or present psychological or  psychiatric treatment. In entering into the coaching relationship, and signing the  agreement, you are agreeing that if any mental health difficulties arise during the  course of the coaching relationship, you will notify me immediately so that I can  discuss with you appropriate steps and if any additional referrals are needed.  

The client can, at any point in the coaching session, declare his/her preference not to  discuss a specific issue, by simply stating that they would rather not discuss this issue.  The coach agrees to respect this boundary and will not attempt to forward the  conversation further along those lines. 

All information about the coach / client relationship will remain strictly confidential  except in very rare circumstances where decreed by law; ie. where the court might  issue a subpoena for the file or information.  

If you wish for me as your coach to speak to someone outside our interactions, then  you need to give me written permission (original letter, fax or email) to do so.  Exceptions to confidentiality of course relate to circumstances such as intent to  seriously harm someone, child abuse etc. Otherwise, all your information is  confidential.  

It is also important to note that in some situations, it is important to be aware of the  use of technology in that for some clients, there is a risk in using certain media such  as the internet, mobile phones and cordless phones. If you use these to communicate  with me, then I will assume that it is appropriate to continue to do so in my  interactions with you.  

Coaching under the terms and aforementioned agreements will continue for the  duration of the contracted period. Only under extenuating circumstances can our  coaching agreement be postponed up to 6 months of the said agreement.  

Our signatures on this agreement indicate full understanding of an agreement with  
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